Thiago Bachet – Now Or Never

“Now Or Never” is a debut release by Dutch producer Thiago Bachet. His first EP contains 3 quality progressive tunes, Now Or Never, Instant Memories and Imagine. Support from Bobina (#25 at DJ Mag 2010), Mike Saint-Jules, Kaeno, Suzy Solar and Tempo Giusto to name a few. Check it out:


Bobina (Russia): Good sound!

Mike Saint-Jules (USA): Imagine will work best for my deeper livesets. Thanks for this one!

Kaeno (USA): Supporting on tour dates and radio show. Cheers!

Tempo Giusto (UK): Supporting Now Or Never, 8/10.

Tartarus (UK): Lovin’ the sounds! Will be supporting this!

Alexsed (USA): “Now or never”! Very refreshing sounds in here! Will support this one for sure!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good progressive tunes. I like all the tracks, but especially “Now or never”. Good work!

Allex (UK): Great progressive tracks! Well done! “Instant Memories” is the best for me, 10/10!

Robbie Lock (UK): Imagine is a deep progressive tech that i see working in many dj sets. 9/10.


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