Allex – Hangover

“Hangover” is a new huge release by Allex on our Soviet Recordings label. It includes remixes by Tony Palmer and D-Force, psy-trance mix by Fido X, and catchy electro remix from Phase One! Support from Suzy Solar, Andrea Mazza, Tempo Giusto, Wim Waumans and Alexsed to name a few. Check it out:


Andrea Mazza (Italy): Support!

Suzy Solar (USA): I will support Club Mix.

Tartarus (UK): Really enjoying the Phase One Remix! We will support!

MARA (a.k.a. Barry Gilbey) (UK): Nice! Supporting.

Tempo Giusto (UK): Supporting the Club Mix!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Phase One makes it happen, wicked production, full support!

Tony Palmer (Hungary): Every song is well produced. I prefer the Phase One mix and also like the club mix and Fido X remix too.

Alexsed (USA): Great original tune! I also like deep chilly remix from Tony Palmer and striking sounds from Fido X.

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Great track with 4 awesome remixes! Really hard to pick a preffered mix. 10/10!

Robbie Lock (UK): All good mixes but the Tony Palmer remix is edging it for me. Really deep progressive.

Wally (Egypt): Amazing production. Supporting!

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Support for original mix!

Gosh (Russia): Wow nice! Thanks! 10/10!

Placid (Germany): Cool tunes, will rock!

Semih Karakas (Turkey): Wow! Original is a bomb and Tony Palmer Remix is amazing! Also love the sound of D-Force Remix. Phase One remix is nice too. 10/10!

Mert Onat (Turkey): Nice track!

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