“Mazhor 2” wins Best Original Soundtrack award by Yandex Music

The year starts with the great news for Soviet Recordings. The official compilaton of “Silver Spoon” crime drama was awarded by Yandex Music, one of the biggest and fast growing local streaming services. The “Suicide Squad” has won foreign nomination, while sequel of “Mazhor” got a title in domestic league. We are happy to see the “Arbat” by Ex-Plosion and Thiago Bachet in the tracklist of one of the winning releases.


“I Have A Dream” amid a resounding victory of Donald Trump!

“I Have A Dream” is a brand new single by Ex-Plosion. It contains well known Martin Luther King’s speech on August 28, 1963. We have creatively approached the audiovisuals and presented the video specifically within the victory of Donald Trump. Do you find the irony in this? And what is this if not a one more evidence of the Russian hacker attack on the elections? We are just joking, though.

Thiago Bachet is back on Black Caviar with “Showdown”

Thiago Bachet is officially back with his new single called ‘Showdown’. In poker, the showdown is a situation when remaining after the last betting round players expose and compare their hands to determine the winner. Thiago has well prepared to the game and showing us his trump cards. The new EDM bomb from our side imprint Black Caviar Records is waiting for the dancefloors. It’s time for a showdown!

Tony Palmer finishes a “Puzzle” — his long awaited new LP

Soviet Recordings is happy to present new album by Tony Palmer from Hungary. Compositions are built together into a single picture like pieces of a puzzle. The tracklist includes a reworked Kool & The Gang hit-song “Cherish”, a 7-minute journey across Serbia from Novi Sad to Nis, a cover version of the Tetris theme, and ends with the nostalgic signature track “Still Waiting 4 U”.

“Sky Falling” is #1 on the Main Club Culture Chart!

Sarah Holder & Vesna Angeleska present their long-awaited banger called “Sky Falling”. Release includes impetuous Original mix, Tony Palmer’s modern edm remix, and the short, radio-friendly version of the tune.  Original was supported and presented by Neil Moore on international BFBS Radio, broadcating from the UK and around the world, and has won the 1st place in the Main Club Culture Chart according to the voting in social media.

Allex – Hangover

“Hangover” is a new huge release by Allex on our Soviet Recordings label. It includes prog.house remixes by Tony Palmer and D-Force, psy-trance mix by Fido X, and catchy electro remix from Phase One! Support from Suzy Solar, Andrea Mazza, Tempo Giusto, Wim Waumans and Alexsed to name a few. Check it out:


Andrea Mazza (Italy): Support!

Suzy Solar (USA): I will support Club Mix.

Tartarus (UK): Really enjoying the Phase One Remix! We will support!

MARA (a.k.a. Barry Gilbey) (UK): Nice! Supporting.

Tempo Giusto (UK): Supporting the Club Mix!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Phase One makes it happen, wicked production, full support!

Tony Palmer (Hungary): Every song is well produced. I prefer the Phase One mix and also like the club mix and Fido X remix too.

Alexsed (USA): Great original tune! I also like deep chilly remix from Tony Palmer and striking sounds from Fido X.

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Great track with 4 awesome remixes! Really hard to pick a preffered mix. 10/10!

Robbie Lock (UK): All good mixes but the Tony Palmer remix is edging it for me. Really deep progressive.

Wally (Egypt): Amazing production. Supporting!

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Support for original mix!

Gosh (Russia): Wow nice! Thanks! 10/10!

Placid (Germany): Cool tunes, will rock!

Semih Karakas (Turkey): Wow! Original is a bomb and Tony Palmer Remix is amazing! Also love the sound of D-Force Remix. Phase One remix is nice too. 10/10!

Mert Onat (Turkey): Nice track!

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Thiago Bachet – Now Or Never

“Now Or Never” is a debut release by Dutch producer Thiago Bachet. His first EP contains 3 quality progressive tunes, Now Or Never, Instant Memories and Imagine. Support from Bobina (#25 at DJ Mag 2010), Mike Saint-Jules, Kaeno, Suzy Solar and Tempo Giusto to name a few. Check it out:


Bobina (Russia): Good sound!

Mike Saint-Jules (USA): Imagine will work best for my deeper livesets. Thanks for this one!

Kaeno (USA): Supporting on tour dates and radio show. Cheers!

Tempo Giusto (UK): Supporting Now Or Never, 8/10.

Tartarus (UK): Lovin’ the sounds! Will be supporting this!

Alexsed (USA): “Now or never”! Very refreshing sounds in here! Will support this one for sure!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good progressive tunes. I like all the tracks, but especially “Now or never”. Good work!

Allex (UK): Great progressive tracks! Well done! “Instant Memories” is the best for me, 10/10!

Robbie Lock (UK): Imagine is a deep progressive tech that i see working in many dj sets. 9/10.

Alpay Sahingoez – Pursuit

Alpay Sahingoez is back after his successfull remix on Ex-Plosion‘s “October’s Child” track. “Pursuit” is the debut solo single by this talanted progressive/tech-trance producer and remixer from Germany. Release includes tech-trance original, progressive house alternative mix and trance remix by Bibhas!

Steve Anderson (UK): Supporting the alternative mix.

Suzy Solar (USA): I will support!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Bibhas remix is the best here.

Alexsed (USA): Very good track!!! Love it!!! Great tech touch in original mix, dreamy flavored Bibhas version, and strong pounding bass in Alternative mix!!! Overall 10/10!!! Will support!!!

Mark Olney (Canada): Will support on my radio show.

Fido X (Slovenia): I like very much deep bass line, very nice one!!!

Robbie Lock (UK): Ohhh yes!! Loving the alternative mix. quality progressive tech trance. Also a sweet remix by Bibhas. Very melodic and the main breakdown is really immense. And the original is a very menacing, tough tech trance production. Can see it doing well on the dancefloor.

Allex (Slovakia): Really nice release! Alpay rockin it! Alternative mix is the best for me, really like the downtempo housy groove.

Kaeno (USA): Supporting Original mix! Cheers!

CJ Peeton (Ireland): Will support it!..

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Like the Alternative mix.

Sergey Emotion (Russia): Nice Bibhas remix!

Plathysma (Turkey): Supporting Alternative mix.

Wally (Egypt): Original & Alternative is cool! Support for sure.

Tony Palmer – Edge Of Mirror

We are happy to present you new release by Hungarian dj and producer Tony Palmer called “Edge Of Mirror” – progressive original mix in the best traditions and also very strong remix by Allex, Slovakian dj and producer. This progressive house banger was supported by such djs as Ton TB (Three Drives On A Vinyl), Kenneth Thomas, Suzy Solar, Vera Patt, Steve Birch and many more.


Robbie Lock (UK): Wow! Allex remix has instantly got me hooked. That percussion work is so immense. I love my tech side of music and this is exactly how i love it. The electro bassline is very clever and never expected it. The whole production is amazing to be honest, love it. The original has a really deep progressive edge to it. Almost minimal trance, an awesome journey of progressive sounds. Also loving the percussion work in this as well. Wicked gated trance synths that leaves the listener with anticipation. I love both versions! This is another huge release for Soviet and predicting big support from the bignames here but im edging towards the Allex remix because it is totally insane. 10/10 for both tracks.

Ton TB (Three Drives On A Vinyl) (Netherlands): Nice tune, full support.

Kenneth Thomas (UK): Supporting the Original mix.

Suzy Solar (USA): Great release, supporting both versions.

CJ Peeton (Ireland): Nice one. I will try to support it.

Vera Patt (Czech Republic): Will support.

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good tunes. I like two mixes very much. Original for first hour and Allex remix for later hours, proggy and hard, I love it! Congratulations guys!

Mark Olney
 (Canada): Will support!

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Both are great, but the original mix is my favoutrite.

Pablo Acenso (Argentina): Great! Wll play this! 9/10!

Placid (Germany): Smooth track with a good drive, will work!

Tim Benjamin (Germany): Great groove! Remix is good as well. 9/10!

Dingle (a.k.a. Metadeko) (UK): Very good!

Hypnotic Duo (Lithuania): Nice! 9/10!

Pure People (Poland): Cool track, will try it!

Diego Mongelos (Argentina): Great progressive tune!

Fernando Ferreyra (Argentina): What a groove! Great track!

D-Phrag (Bulgaria): Quite a banger, despite the rather trancey flavour. 9/10!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Deep and pumping!

Latna G (Hungary): I will support Original.

Wally (Egypt): The original mix makes it for me. Supporting this on my podcast.

Josh Abrams (USA): Very good! 8,5/10

Steve Birch (UK): Little too slow for me, nice tune though!

Mert Onat (Turkey): Good stuff and remix.

Buy on Beatport!

Norman Crack – Revolted Minds

“Revolted Minds” is a debut solo release by Norman Crack, hungarian progressive and tech house producer. His remix on Szloboda – “Listen To Your Faith” was released on our sub-label Black Caviar Records and was supported by many big djs, including DJ Vibe and Balthazar. Hope you’ll like his solo productions too.


Alexsed (USA): Nice energy build-up, the unique sounds makes you aware of some sort of an explosion coming up! “Revoted Minds” really fits in the middle of the set right before the “bangers” ready to explode. Definitely support this track! Overall I’ll say 9/10, really good release!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Both tracks are very goods, good and clear proggy sounds, but i prefer “Revolted Minds”, more proggy than Trimmer. Great job! Congratulations!