Ex-Plosion meets Fergie & Sadrian for their “Caravan” expedition

We are happy to present you another new music video called “Caravan”. 

Ex-Plosion, Fergie and Sadrian traveling together through the desert with the aim to deliver you a mixture of hypnotising sounds. In historical times, caravans connecting Asia and Europe often carried luxurious and lucrative goods. This time our virtual connection is established between Russia and South America, powered by Soviet Recordings. 

Trance music on the background of beautiful landscapes, oriental people, traditional clothing, and mesmerizing sandstorms. Follow us into this trip!


Ex-Plosion presents “Essentia”, his essential new product

What can we expect when old school Progressive Trance meets a modern vision? After lots of collaborations with famous trance singers as Tiff Lacey, Jan Johnston, Molly Bancroft, and own instrumental underground trance album “People’s Choice”, Ex-Plosion is back with his new track.

“Essentia” is an extraordinary mixture of different kind of synth speculiar to traditional trance music plus some house music hooks we all love. Beside radio mix the release includes dj friendly extended club mix, and Robbie Lock is here to show you his firm sound.