Dany Oghia – Final Call

Dany Oghia has been producing music for the better part of his life. Living now in Toronto, Dany was born in Dubai during the rich developmental period and was witness to electronic music progress from obscurity to mainstream. We are proud to pesent his new release “Final Call” on our label! Support from Steve BirchAndrea MazzaSuzy Solar and more.


Steve Birch (UK): Great Bibhas & Kiran remix!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting Bibhas & Kiran Remix.

Tartarus (UK): Quality release, I’ll be playing the Enemy’s Gate Remix in
the January Tartarus DJ Sets.

Suzy Solar (USA): Great Enemy’s Gate remix.

Alexsed (USA): Very good track! 9/10! I’ve enjoyed the remix from Bibhas &
Kiran! Very intriguing.

CJ Peeton (Ireland): Will support Bibhas & Kiran remix.

D-Force (Netherlands): Original mix taking me on a high trip, nice!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good progressive tune, energetic and dark, I like
it a lot. Congratulations!

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Supporting Bibhas & Kiran remix, thanks for new release.

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Trance minded clubtrack, nice production!

Allex (Slovakia): Very nice progressive trance! Dany made a great track, and
Bibhas & Kiran did awesome remix.

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Great release, all the tracks! 9/10

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Really awesome! I like Bibhas & Kiran remix!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Excellent Bibhas & Kiran remix!

Fido X (Slovenia): Enemy’s Gate Remix is the best for me.

Vexare (Canada): Nice Bibhas & Kiran remix

Sergey Emotion (Russia): Enemy’s Gate remix sounds good!

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Tony Palmer – Never Change

We are happy to present Tony Palmer‘s fourth album single called “Never Change” which includes trancy original mix, progressive house remix by Taranhawk and Wally‘s tech house remix. Support from John Askew, Suzy Solar, Steve Anderson, Eric Valentine and many more, overall 9/10 score from djs.


John Askew (UK): Original is cool!

Suzy Solar (USA): Will support Taranhawk remix.

Steve Anderson (UK): Supporting Original mix.

Eric Valentine (USA): Awesome remix from Wally! Love it!

Kaeno (USA): Taranhawk remix is the best for me. Support!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Smashing release! Supporting Taranhawk remix, 10/10!

Cerera (Russia): 10/10 for Taranhawk remix.

Alexsed (USA) The remix from Taranhawk is my favorite! Overall 9/10 respectively! Will support this.

Diego Brahim (Argentina): Taranhawk remix for me! I supporting this cool track, 10/10!

Robbie Lock (UK): WOW! This release is right up my street. The original mix is simply stunning. 10/10.

Allex (Slovakia): Very nice release from Tony again! Full support! Wally remix is my fav.

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Good Track! Full support!

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Will support in my sets.

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Supporting Wally remix.

Matej Peternel (Slovenia): Very nice, catchy, dreamy sounds with nice flow. I like it.

Bruce Cullen (USA): Very good sounds here on Taranhawk remix!

Sergey Emotion (Russia): Taranhawk remix is nice for me! Good tune.

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Supporting Taranhawk remix.

Fergie & Sadrian (Argentina): Taranhawk remix is the best for us.

Tartarus & Michelle Hutcheson – Beyond The Rainbow

“Beyond The Rainbow” is a collaboration between UK’s trance duo Tartarus (a.k.a. Ben Hennessy and Brian Neal) and Michelle Hutcheson, talanted singer and songwriter from Scotland. Release incl. remixes from Fergie & Sadrian, Trancelicious and Robbie Lock, Tony Palmer, Taranhawk and Ex-Plosion.


Armada Recommended Trance Release
Armada House Top 10
Armada Hard Dance Top 10
Audiojelly Hard Dance Top 5


Bobina (Russia): Fergie & Sadrian Remix is okay! 8.5/10.

Markus Schulz (USA): Will try. Thanks!

Steve Birch (UK): Ex-Plosion remix sounds cool.

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Thanks! Support.

Denis A (Russia): Great tunes! Thanks.

Matamar (Czech Republic): Fergie & Sadrian and Tony Palmer mixes are the best, will support one of these remixes in our radioshow !

Suzy Solar (USA): Planning to support Tony Palmer mix.

Magnetic Brothers (Russia): Nice package. Favourite is Ex-plosion Remix. Thnx! 10/10.

Alexsed (USA): Very good track guys with solid voice from Michelle! Mixes from Robbie Lock, Ex-Plosion, and Tony Palmer are my choice! Overall – 9.5! Will support it for sure!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Will play Taranhawk remix during January, Merry X-Mass & beautiful 2011!

Gary Cannavo (Masspool DJ Association) (USA): These will work for us, we’ll get right on it! Ex-Plosion Remix is the best.

Magnus Johansson (Sweden): Ex-Plosion radio mix will get some attention.

Maurizio Santi (Italy): Move the people to the dancefloor.

Bryant S Littlejohn (USA): Very good Ex-Plosion remix! More More More!

Dan Rotta (USA): Really liked the vocalist and sound combination of Ex-Plosion mix.

Derek Harri (Canada): Solid Ex-Plosion remix, great beats!

Moudy (Lebanon): Excellent productions! 10/10!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good, energy tracks!

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Excellent production and great remixes! 10/10.

Wally (Egypt): This is such a great EP! It was hard to choose a favourite but i’ll support it for sure! 10/10!

Hassan Rassmy (Egypt): Great remix.

Mert Onat (Turkey): Favourite is Tony Palmer remix. Good stuff! Excellent Fergie & Sadrian remix and Taranhawk remix is good too.

Plathysma (Turkey): Nice pack. Thanks!

Semih Karakas (Turkey): Yeaaah. I love Tony Palmer remix. Best remix for me. Full support for it! Also supporting attack Ex-Plosion remix and nice Fergie & Sadrian mix. Great vocal!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Great release! 10/10!

Vocalist Day (Russia): Good Tony Palmer remix!

ProgressiveHouseWorldwide.com: Cool stuff, Tony Palmer Mix sounds like something for us. Thanks for sending!

Mike White Presents – God’s Blues

“God’s Blues” is an original, eclectic and melodramatic dance track with a sensibility for the soundtrack of your imaginations. If you like cinematic electronica with trance synths and great vocals you should check this out:

Allex (Slovakia): Great unique music! Will support “Hard Mix” in my show! 100/100!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Great production, wicked support!!!

Wally (Egypt): Great EP!! Risque Operatic Mix is the best for me, 10/10!

CJ Peeton (Ireland): That sounds like a track from the 90s!

Robbie Lock (UK): A real nostalgic piece of trance kind of reminds of like oldskool british trance!

Vexare (Canada): I think these tracks all give a very haunting sensation.

Trancelicious – Flash Fire

Soviet Recordings are back with a great release by Trancelicious, Romanian finest trance producer. His “Flash Fire” incl. powerful original mix and two great remixes by Fergie & Sadrian. Support from Bobina, Ismael Rodriguez, Kaeno, Suzy Solar and Matamar to name a few. Check it out:


Bobina (Russia): Will support!

Matamar (Czech Republic): We liked the Fergie Sadrian mix, and will support in the next LOT radioshow. Thanks!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting Dub Fire.

Suzy Solar (USA): I will Support Fergie & Sadrian mix.

Tartarus (UK): Really enjoying this track! We will be playing this out for sure!

Kaeno (USA): Supporting in my sets. Lots of energy on this one. Cheers!

CJ Peeton (Ireland): I will try to support it.

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Amazing remixes but the original is my favourite.

Alexsed (USA): Well done! Great uplifting track! I like the energetic original mix and will support it.

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Very nice release! 10/10!

Robbie Lock (UK): Loving the remixes guys, but the original is true euphoric pumping trance.

Fido X (Slovenia): Nice atmosphere sounds, nicely done.

Plathysma (Turkey): Support!

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Good work! Full support!


Christopher Lawrence – Rush Hour 029 (Ismael Rodriguez guest mix)
Ex-plosion – Synthetic Revolution 028
Kaeno – Re-Loaded 029
Kaeno – The Vanishing Point 248

Taranhawk – Dopamine

Our brand new release by Taranhawk called Dopamine includes progressive house remix by Tony Palmer (Hungary), static tech/progressive mix by Wally (Egypt) and hard trance mix by Robbie Lock (UK). Check it out:


Suzy Solar (USA): Powerful track!

CJ Peeton (Ireland): That’s awesome. I will support it for sure. Actually I gonna play that tonight on Global Stage Sunday.

Tenthu (Russia): Thanks for the track and Tony Palmer remix.

Steve Birch (UK): Loving this nice biuld track.

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting the original.

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good job. I Like wally´s static remix for
first hour and Tony Palmer remix for late hour, very good progressive tunes. Congratulations

Outwork (Italy): Nice track! All the best!

Alexsed (USA): Super dynamic track!!! For me, the Original mix is the favorite, main line is awesome in here, catchy sound quickly surprises!

Norman Crack (Hungary): Nice original track, very good remixes. I prefer Wally’s Static remix, pure and beautiful job. Great release – supporting and let’s play!

Allex (Slovakia): Excellent release! All versions are awesome! Will support the Original in my podcast, love the bassline in it.

Marc Olney (Canada): Will support on my radio show!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Great work! I will support Original Mix.

Kobbe (Belgium): Good groove on Robbie Lock remix!

Plathysma (Turkey): Suporting the Wally remix.

Placid (Germany): Good one, very trancy but I’ll give it a try!

Fernando Ferreyra (Argentina): Great Tony Palmer remix, I like it.

Progress Lovers (Turkey): Sweet basslines!

Anton Sever (Ukraine): Good work!


Ex-Plosion – Synthetic Revolution 025
George Vemag – Waves Of Euphoria 077
George Vemag – Waves Of Euphoria 078
Allex – Experiment 05

Bibhas – Man Of Two Worlds

We glad to present you “Man Of Two Worlds” by Bibhas, talanted producer from India. His tracks are all about beautiful synths, serene atmospheric pads and uplifting climaxes full of feelings. “Man Of Two Worlds” was supported by such names as Airwave, Andrea Mazza, Suzy Solar, Kaeno and was voted as the “Track Of The Year 2010” in Ex-Plosion’s Synthetic Revolution radio show.


Airwave (Belgium): The remixes are in my opinion a waste of time compared to the chill mixes, which is a great piece of music! this is what the artist should focus on! nothing else.

Kaeno (USA): Full Support on the Siddharth Bohidar Remix and Original Mix.

Suzy Solar (USA): Very powerful track! 9/10!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting the original.

Alexsed (USA): Great track! Definitely will support remix from Siddharth Bohidar. And I like the chillout mix as well. Overall 9/10!

Ex-Plosion (Russia): One of my favourites this year! 10/10!

Albert van Leizer (Argentina): Amazing release, thank you! I will support this great tune in my next gig!

Tempo Giusto (Finland): Alright progressive trancer.

Adrian West – Army Of Mine

Soviet Recordins are glad to present you new release by Adrian West, young and very talanted trance producer from Ireland. “Army Of Mine” includes anthemic original mix, progressive trance remix by Ex-Plosion and catchy Trancelicious remix. Release was already supported by Andre Visior, Andrea Mazza, John Gibbons, Tempo Giusto, Luke Terry, Electribe, and many more.


Andre Visior (Germany): 7/10, will support.

John Gibbons (Ireland): I’ll definately be supporting!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting original mix.

Aled Mann (UK): Great track!

Gary Proud (UK): Loving Army of Mine, I’ll definately be playing this out, top work!

Electribe (Czech Republic): Ex-Plosion remix sounds pretty good.

Alexsed (USA): Great energetic “proggy” original mix with nice melody built-in. Trancelicious remix could easy be a part of any tribal sets, Ex-Plosion’s remix brings you back to an old-school classic trance sound flavored with today’s riffs! Overall 9/10. Will support!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good proggy trance tunes. My prefer remix is Trancelicious remix, a little bit harder. Very good job guys. Congratulations!

Kudesnik & PriSe (Russia): Nice! We’ll support the original mix.

Allex (Slovakia): Full support! Nice stuff! I prefer original mix, but Ex-Plosion’s remix is very good too.

Luke Terry (UK): Supporting the original. 7/10.

Tempo Giusto (Finland): Will support original.

CJ Peeton (Ireland): I will support the Ex-plosion remix.

DJ Koolz (USA): Ex-plosion version is a beatiful remix with some Euro Progressive house feel. This track will explode to the charts and will be received well, just because of the fatastic groove.

Mark Olney (Canada): Good track, will support on my radio show.

Fido X (Slovenia): Nice progression in all versions!

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Original is the best, 8/10.

Selami (USA): Ex-Plosion Remix is nice, 9/10! And also delicious remix by Trancelicious.

Bibhas (India): Very nice tracks. The original gives me a retro feel! But the Ex-Plosion remix is “totally mint”! Epic and beautiful. Supporting all 3 tracks!

Ex-Plosion – October’s Child

After several succesful releases Ex-Plosion is back with a very experimental trance single released on his home Soviet Recordins label. “October’s Child” is really different. Orchestral tunes and driving sounds combined together into one explosive mix. The release also includes progressive tech house remix by Alpay Sahingoez (Germany), psy-progressive version by Fido X (Slovenia), and progressive remix by Dynamic Force (Netherlands). “October’s Child” was supported by such djs as Christopher Lawrence, Judge Jules, DJ Vibe to name a few.


Christopher Lawrence (USA): Fido X remix is great!

Judge Jules (UK): Cool track!

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Original mix is the best. Thanks!

Kaeno (USA): Like the Dynamic Force remix and original club mix. Full support!

Wonderland Avenue (UK): Though the Dynamic Force mix is ok.
Mark Picchiotti (USA): It is different. I will test, hopefully the people will be into it!

Alexsed (USA): Enjoyed the radio mix very much! Also, like the original club mix and Dynamic Force remix as well:) 8/10 overall, will support.

Mark Bisson (USA): Different and very interesting.
Mark Olney (Canada): Good solid beats in the Dynamic Force remix, will support it.
Danny Oh (Malaysia): Thanks for the share. This is a nice track!.. Keep it up.
CJ Peeton (Ireland): Alpay Sahingoez remix is the best.

Energia-Buran – Istrebitel

Two guys from the east, one passion, one style. Energia-Buran are Bruno Jakic and Marat Schaht, producers from the Netherlands. Their productions are the real Soviet Trance, hard, uplifting and very powerful. We are happy to present their most known release called “Istrebitel” on our label. It also includes outstanding remix by Ex-Plosion, which was noted as “Track Of The Month” by Zoltar, one of the biggest underground trance djs.