Tokyo 2020: Soviet flag at the Summer Olympics

We are happy to announce that our music was licensed for the Summer Olympics held in Tokyo this year. We gave a portion of the music to The Artistic Gymnastics Federation of Russia, and Angelina Melnikova has already used “Puño de Hierro” by Tony Palmer in the qualification round. Team Russia is preparing for the finals now and we are wishing good luck to our sportsmen!

This is the second time we are taking part in the Olympic Games as music label — back in 2014, when our special music compilation mixed by Ex-Plosion was a part of the Winter Games in Sochi.


“Caribbean Crisis” at the first button again

Channel One is the first television channel to broadcast in the Russian Federation. That’s why to be on the first button is so important for any musician. To a greater extent it is a privilege for pop artists, so we are proud that our electronic music can be heard there as well.

Already took an opportunity to be in the previous series of Silver Spoon, our track was featured in this crime drama again. Ex-Plosion’s “Caribbean Crisis” became the proceeder of the “Arbat” in the new episode of “Mazhor”.

Having good results in the foreign charts, the track was finally recognized in its homeland too.

“Arbat” was featured in Silver Spoon TV Series on Netflix!

“Forced to become an apprentice cop, cocky playboy Igor finds he’s got a knack for police work. But his job soon takes him down a dark personal path.” – this is what the description on Netflix says. «Mazhor» (the original name of the TV series in Russian) became the very first Russian television opera to be acquired by American multimedia giant.

Soviet Recordings are happy to be a part of the original soundtrack, with the song produced by Ex-Plosion and Thiago Bachet. “Arbat” was dedicated to the Moscow’s central district and street, so no wonder that you’ll see how Silver Spoon heroes dancing to it in one of the capital’s luxury nightclubs.

The track is also featured on the offical Silver Spoon OST compilation, which is available on all major digital stores.

Soviet Recordings is making history with Wargaming

Everyone knows World Of Tanks, a massively multiplayer online game by Wargaming. An award-winning online game developer and publisher also owns their own radio-station called Wargaming FM, where they introduces their listeners to the main historical events in the conditions of peace and war. One of such big events of XX century was the Caribbean Crisis, a 13-day confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. This conflict is often considered the closest the Cold War came to escalating into a full-scale nuclear war. The full story was presented by editors of Wargaming FM in their radioshow called “The History Of Music”, where our “Caribbean Crisis” was chosen as the soundtrack: