Our guys at the DJ Mag Top 100

Our guys Ben Hennessy a.k.a. Tartarus and Allex had a great time at DJ MAG’s Top 100 after party this year. Let’s ask them about their feelings!..

Q1: Do you like the results guys? David is the best or..?

Allex: It’s the worst result I ever saw! Armin van Buuren for the win, David Guetta is just a pop producer.

Q2: What about other Top 100 guys?

Ben Hennessy: Many of the people on that list surely deserve to be where they are, excepting Guetta with his pop music trying to be dance.

Allex: It’s very hard to choose one for the best, many artists did a great job, not just in trance or house genre, but in dubstep, d’n’b and techno too.. But anyway I miss some guys in this year’s top 100, such as Marcus Schossow for example.

Q3: Who’s your new favourite this year?

Ben Hennessy: Orjan Nilsen.

Allex: Arty.

Q4: Who will be the people’s champ next time?

Ben Hennessy: Tartarus! (joking)

Allex: Tartarus of course!

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