Electric V – Bucuresti

We are happy to present amazing single by Victor Rusin a.k.a. Electric V actually comes from Canada, dedicated to Romania’s glorious capital Bucharest. Original has the old school uplifting trance feel to it, while Tartarus and “Gone 2 Ibiza” remixes offer ample diversity to the package.


Electric V – Bucuresti (Original Mix)
Melodic elements are sprinkled in the very beginning of the track as it starts taking shape accordingly. A tubular synth lead gently envelops you while you start to lose your senses. Traditional Romanian violins introduced in the breakdown serves as a pleasant surprise…! It enhances the theme and brings out an emotional edge to the production. And finally the distorted tubular lead breaks loose with some epic pads, pure hands-in-the-air trance..!

Electric V – Bucuresti (Gone 2 Ibiza Mix)
Well, it’s Ibiza folks, so it has to be groovy! A bubbly, housy bassline doesn’t disappoint in making one sway to the rhythm. The piano-laden break is as lush as it could get and bursts out with huge lead bringing the house down..! A massively melodic progressive rework, which certainly shines through.

Electric V – Bucuresti (Tartarus Remix)
A chugging bassline with screeching fx makes up for a quite different start. After a short intro with lush pads, breakdown stirs things with an electric lead. Pretty techy in parts but a well executed remix.

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