Tartarus & Jan Johnston – Something’s Missing

Jan Johnston is an English professional singer, best known for collaborating with some of the world’s top trance producers, such as TiestoPaul van DykPaul Oakenfold, just to name a few. 

Soviet Recordings are proud to present her new release with very talanted trance duo Tartarus. “Something’s Missing” incl. remixes from Adam Sheridan, Ex-plosion, Fergie & Sadrian, Diego Brahim, Allex, Fido X, Alpha Force vs. Olbaid, Trancelicious and Alpay Sahingoez!


Raveline Magazine (Germany): Remember Last Summer! 10/10!

Graham Gold (UK): Cool Sharidan mix!

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Stuff to work out. I’ll try it. Thanks!

Andre Visior (Germany): Supporting Adam Sheridan remix.

Steve Anderson (UK): Supporting Adam Sheridan’s remember amnesia mix.

Suzy Solar (USA): Awesome tracks! I’m especially digging the Diego Brahim remix.

Tempo Giusto (Finland): I’ll support Adam Sheridan remix.

Alexsed (USA): What a great vocal tune! Remix from Fergie & Sadrian is the champ in here! Also, Fido X remix is great!

Cerera (Russia): Supporting Alpay Sahingoez remix, 10/10!

Wally (Egypt): 10/10 for Allex remix, will support for sure!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Fergie & Sadrian remix is for me. Felt this production the strongest! Big anthem, full support!

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Supporting Ex-Plosion Remix!

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Ex-plosion Remix is my favourite. Support!

VG vs. Dave Sullivan (Hungary): We’ll support Adam Sheridan remix.

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Adam Sheridan’s mix is the best for me, thanks!

Buy on Beatport.com!


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