Taranhawk – Addicted

This is 40th release from Soviet Recordings! Let’s celebrate it with Taranhawk‘s “Addicted” including remixes from Tartarus, Tony Palmer, Remy-M and Wally‘s new Jackpot Project. Support from Three Drives a.k.a. Ton TB, Suzy Solar, Ex-Plosion and more.


Ton TB (Three Drives On A Vinyl) (Netherlands): Supporting Remy-M remix.

Cerera (Russia): 10/10 for Jackpot Project remix.

Fergie & Sadrian (Argentina): Supporting Original mix, 10/10!

Suzy Solar (USA): Supporting Original mix.

CJ Peeton (Ireland): Very nice EP. Tartarus remix will be played in my next show.

Allex (Slovakia): Very nice release! Like the work of melody in Tony Palmer’s remix ! Support!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Crystal clear Tony Palmer Remix!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Top production!

Robbie Lock (UK): Great release guys. Loving the Remy-M remix!

Alexsed (USA): Great track! Very refreshing sound in here! I also like remixes from Tony Palmer, and Remy-M.

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands) Excellent production! Full support!

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Will support in my sets.

Buy on Beatport.com!


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