Beatsmedia makes a huge review of Fido X debut LP!

Beatsmedia UK, a digital blog in association with Tilllate Magazine made a detailed review for “Escape From Reality” by Fido X:

«Escape From Reality: An eerie introduction to the album that moves from ambient elements to strings & a bit of breaks. Utilizing several synths and intense percussion, this song sets the stage for the massive energy about to be unleashed.

Space Traveller (Spaceflight Mix): Raw & immense psy-trance floods the room. Gated synths and a build from minimal to very full percussion are featured. Love the stab that creates the melody, and the sounds that emerge from the background that sound similar to a vocoded vocal.

Gravitational Acceleration: A bassline that never lets up is surrounded by heavy synth and some less heavy percussion. The hats & clap pierce through the track with the contrasting highs. With a track title like this, one can only imagine yourself falling and the pace of the song growing as you drop.

Plasmatron: A few notable characteristics about this track are the saw-like synths that are used for the chord progression, as well as the guitar mimic that is displayed during the breakdown. Returning during the end of the track, the saw synth shows off a modified original melody and continues with the guitar again. Nicely constructed.

Space Train: Keeping everything tightly filtered (spare a quick hat) in the beginning, this track definitely catches your attention. A bit slower than the other tunes, this one features again some gated synths that fill up the empty spaces in the track. Interested in seeing how this one would work on the dance floor.»

Jeremy Rathbun [Beatsmedia UK]


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