Fido X – Nuclear Fusion

“Nuclear Fusion” is a 4-th release by talanted Slovenian producer Fido X, previously supported by all top Psy-Progressive djs, including Christopher Lawrence and John 00 Fleming. This EP includes two intellectual psy-progressive trance tracks, “Nuclear Fusion” and “Nucleosynthesis”.


Ex-Plosion (Russia): Incredible feeling! 10/10!

Alexsed (USA): “Nuclear fusion” – what a great add to any psytrance block!

Alexsed (USA): “Nucleosynthesis” is definitely a track to check out in this release!

Trancelicious (Romania): Great new EP from Matej! Both tracks are very good and have a mature psychedelic sound.

Bibhas (India): Nuclear fusion is very powerful. Full of energy. Love every bit.


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