Norman Crack – Revolted Minds

“Revolted Minds” is a debut solo release by Norman Crack, hungarian progressive and tech house producer. His remix on Szloboda – “Listen To Your Faith” was released on our sub-label Black Caviar Records and was supported by many big djs, including DJ Vibe and Balthazar. Hope you’ll like his solo productions too.


Alexsed (USA): Nice energy build-up, the unique sounds makes you aware of some sort of an explosion coming up! “Revoted Minds” really fits in the middle of the set right before the “bangers” ready to explode. Definitely support this track! Overall I’ll say 9/10, really good release!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Both tracks are very goods, good and clear proggy sounds, but i prefer “Revolted Minds”, more proggy than Trimmer. Great job! Congratulations!


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